About Us

SDPowered internet technology provides you with effective tools and solutions in a cost-effective way. Our services include domain registration, website design, web hosting and email management tools. We're from Perth, Western Australia and have developed an extensive Australian customer-base in a variety of industries and sectors. We started in 2012 and have grown, providing internet, media and online business design services to customers based in Australia, Europe and South-east Asia.

With servers located in the USA, Europe, Sydney and here in Perth, we can provide extensive website support and efficient data transfer times for a wide range of customers. But we didn't stop there. We also partner with a broad range of third-party service providers to cater for clients of all shapes and sizes the world over. To accurately relay our extensive network and capabilities we've branded our services Slowman Design Powered (or SDPowered for short), so you can recognise our full potential throughout our service offering.

Keeping startups, entrepreneurs and SME's at the heart of our customer-base, we are dedicated to business development. Our primary focus has been to provide expert internet, technology and media support services in a simple format. But we've taken things a step further by developing completely customized services based around our customer service feedback projects. So we are able to facilitate the demands of any corporate, departmental, non-profit, personal, social and student-based clients.

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